Team Building Programs

Keep your team education easy with our online programs!

  • Compliance 365 Team Training which includes legally required initial and ongoing staff training
  • Legally Required Initial and ongoing compliance training.
  • S.T.A.R. Chiropractic Office Management Training

Day in Day out we’ve got your covered.

Our program will keep your team aware of all compliance requirements.

Most doctors dread day by day operations as they choose to focus on taking care of patients. We can help add to your team by training a Chiropractic Office Manager.

As required by law your staff must be trained during their initial hire process and  ongoing on specific aspects of compliance.  Get it done here!

Letter from Edie

Starting this company in 2007 after seeing that most doctors were not taking it seriously was interesting.  In fact many were saying HIPAA is dead.  After reading that there had been an intense survey by an outside consulting group with their findings had identified Medicare was not doing much to ensure doctors would or had complied.   Enforcement is coming! That was the beginning of my total involvement in compliance.  Now what is being seen is that doctors have gotten their manuals.  BUT…they never continue to follow through.  So Compliance 365 was created to keep everyone aware.

Then seeing that there is not much being done to help doctors with office management.  That is the next endeavor.  Doctors all need someone that will take on the responsibilities of managing every thing other than what is expected of a CA.  That was when I created the S.T.A.R. program. 

Look forward to working with you.

Edie Hofmann, Founder and Coach

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