“Become a S.T.A.R.”

Success Training for Advanced Results

Finally, a monthly webinar to increase your ability to focus on taking care of the patients and letting go of your headaches!!

Managing and Leading • The Role of a Chiropractic Office Manager • Chiropractic and Healthcare TerminologyPersonnel Management (2 modules) • Practice Enhancement · Healthcare Law and Ethics • Revenue Management (2 Modules) • Compliance (2 Modules) • Statistical Management and Goal Setting

Founded in 2007, ICCOM’s main services are health care compliance and Chiro-Office Manager Training.

The C.O.M. training focuses in 1 of 14 core topics each month on managing your practice. This approach allows for the C.O.M. to learn to build a team. Which intern allows systematic growth for: Higher profits Less office stress More referrals Well-managed CAs Less staff turnover

Most doctors dread day by day operations as they choose to focus on taking care of patients. Whether you don’t have the time, the tools, the patience, the skills or the information…C.O.M’s Chiro-Manager Training is for you. 

Have you always wanted to take your number one staff person to an office management training seminar but found it most likely non-existent?

Quality office managers coaching is just an online course away. Doctor—continue to do that which you do best and leave the CA supervision to your office manager. Edie Hofmann will educate and motivate your C.O.M’s to stop unconsciously allowing your practice to be sabotaged and start actively building it.

Someone must manage your office and your staff as your build your practice.

12 Monthly Topics
Webinar, Notes and Online Blog
and of course talk to Edie anytime!

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