Compliance 365

Day in Day out we've got you covered.

Save time

Your time will no longer be spent on studying compliance, updating your policies and procedures, training staff and making sure everyone actually complies.

Maintain documentation

This is very important. Knowing what documentation to create and keep in sometimes a conundrum.

Stay compliant

One of the hardest things is reminding staff about compliance.  They get busy and make mistakes.  I have doctors tell me “It is frustrating how my CA’s just don’t ever remember.” 

Stay in the know

With our monthly webinars and notes for your office meeting you will all stay up to date with the most current and applicable compliance information.

What we will do for you!

HIPAA Privacy, HIPAA Security, Omnibus Fraud Waste and Abuse, Patient Non-discrimination, Identity Theft Protection,

Full Staff Understanding of your customized compliance manuals.

Required initial and ongoing staff training on all areas of healthcare  compliance.

Compliance audits are not fun. From a letter in the mail to an impromptu walk through the door random audits are happening more and more.

Don't go it alone and always be prepared

Get back to building your practice and taking care of the folks. Let Edie help you get everything else done.

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