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Everything you need for written policies and procedures to become and stay compliant. 

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Use our online programs to keep you, your office manager and staff up to date and fully and continually trained on COMPLIANCE and understanding Chiropractic Office Management. 

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Frequently asked questions

There are two ways of sending patient PHI as safely as possible.

FIRST: Sending the PHI through the email as a password protected attachment.

·         Get written permission from the patient to send their bills via email.

·         Save file to a .pdf format.

·         Password Protect the .pdf with a password that is known by both parties. Example: last four digits of their social security number etc.

·         State in the email to use the last four digits of their ss# to open the email. The email itself should be very generic.

·         Attach the file to an email – individually

Second: Set up PGP software installed on your secure website. This is the BEST way. You would email your patient with a link to your view their bill. The patient would have to set up their own user name and password. They could then login and print or save a copy of their bill in .pdf format.  

The answer is YES.  To be sure that I was answering this correctly I called the Office of Civil Rights to see what they say.  “All complaints are investigated.  If we receive a complaint on a doctor that is not a covered entity the doctor will have to respond to the letter documenting why they are not required to be compliant.  But they must respond to the letter.

Read this.  It will give you an idea of how to start and maintain a risk analysis which is required by HIPAA Security.

Everything you need to know is available at Health and Human Resources website.



Test Yourself! As a DC, Office Manager or CA, you need to know the answers to these questions.  If you need more information please

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Our clients say

Dear Edie, Thank you for the wonderful job you have done to simplify this whole complaince mess and enable us to become compliant, - all at a very reasonable cost! You obviously did a lot of work and you boiled it down to the basics.

Again, thank you for a job exceedingly well done!


Tony DeCosta, DC ., New Jersey

I can’t say enough good things about Edie.

After spending just a couple half-days in our office, she has completely modernized our insurance department.

We were running on a system that had been “handed down” from 3 or 4 previous billers) Edie updated our CPT & diagnostic coding, tutored the staff on examining E.O.B.s for incomplete payments, put systems in place so that the staff can now guide themselves through the follow-up routines and personally dug up enough uncollected money to where my return on this investment was phenomenal !

She even streamlined our HIIPA compliance program so that the initial and yearly training and bookwork is a breeze.

Thanks Edie!,

Dave Mason D.C., Michigan

I have known Edie for many years. Whenever I have a question concerning my office management, staff, HIPAA, documentation, she is the first one I call. I had a Medicare issue last year that I worked on for months with my billing company. 30 minutes after being in my office, Edie had it figured out and fixed. I purchased her HIPAA Privacy Manual and it was so easy to implement.

Thanks again, Edie….. Karen Mathiak, D.C., Georgia

I’ve used all of Edie’s manuals (HIPAA and Fraud Waste and Abuse) in our practice and they’re terrific! Edie actually customizes them for YOUR office which makes implementation so simple. All manuals are an absolute must for all chiropractic office. They include everything you need to become truly compliant. They’re a HUGE time, energy and money saver for your practice!
Kim Klapp
Coach, A.C.E. Program
(Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence)
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