HIPAA Security Training Schedule

Training Schedule:  Initial and Ongoing

Every staff member must be trained initially (within 90 days of hire) and ongoing.  The rule states that you decide when and how often further training is necessary depending on staff knowledge. It is suggested that maintain training throughout your year and starts in January of each year.

Forms:  You will need to create a new account for each form you create.  You can use the same user name and password for each and when you click on that “form” you will automatically be asked to login and access that specific form.  If you are requested to have a new form each team member then use a new user name and password.  I suggest you add their name to the user name.

Also, at the end of each session you will receive the manual pages that correspond with that session.  Customized and personalized for you office.  Print and add to a notebook.  Rule is that you must have written policies and procedures available.

Guidelines Checklist

Instructions on conducting the Risk Analysis and create a Plan is in your HIPAA Security Manual.

Form: Risk Analysis and Plan

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