HIPAA Security Compliance, Training and Forms

At the end of each session you will be sent via email your HIPAA Security manual pages that correspond with that training session.  These page will be fully customized and personalized for your clinic.  Print and put into a 3 ring binder.  Rule says you must have a written HIPAA Security policies and procedures specifically for you office.

NOTE:  All team members must be trained initially (within 90 days of hire and/or implementation of your policies and procedures) and periodically to hold that standard on their understanding and execution of your policies and procedures.  We suggest periodically mean no less than annually.  As a member you will have access to these training modules so you can conduct monthly if you so choose.

Guidelines for Implementation, Maintenance and Management of HIPAA Security Rules.

Use the CHECKLIST to track and update your information (see below for instructions to access)

  1. NOTE:  Some of your HIPAA Security Compliance will need the help of your IT person.  This will keep your life easier and you can focus on building your practice.

  2. It is best if you do not go ahead of the compliance implementation and training session as listed.

  3. Use the HIPAA Security Checklist (online or printable form) in your assessment. As you complete each section, write “Complete and the date.”

  4. Announce your HIPAA Security Official. Complete the online or printable form and distribute as instructed

  5. Use the Risk Analysis and Plan to assess vulnerabilities, solutions/remedies, consider costs, check to see what is required and what is addressable to assign the date of completion.  Use the online or printable Risk Analysis and Plan to document anything you find that needs addressing.

  6. It will take all three:  HIPAA Security Checklist, Risk Analysis and Plan along with your manual as received to complete your compliance. Keep staff involved in the process.

  7. Remember to print your manual pages and place in a 3 ring binder after each session. This information will be available online as long as you remain a member.  Initial membership is 1 year.

  8. This online process will be used to train your staff.  Testing and certificate is available at the end of the session.

  9. Please use the blog attached to contact me.  We need the documentation as you complete the training.  Your entire staff will be able to see this blog.  If you need personal contact, please contact me at edieh@iccom.org or call 313-330-0199.


Save & Return is form-specific so you must to create a new account on each form. You can use the same login/password for every form.   This is not optional. You will be able to return to each form to add or view information and track progress as needed.  If the same form is necessary for each team member use in individual login that identifies which form you wanting to access.

As you complete each form you will receive a copy of that form in pdf via email that you will need to print and put into your manual.

You will also find these forms in the individual sessions.

Click to open.

Risk Assessment and Plan

Risk Assessment and Plan Instructions

HIPAA Security Checklist

HIPAA Training Agenda

Security Incident Report

Staff Compliance Training Documentation

Staff Security Testing

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