Each monthly focus topic will include a 15-20 minute webinar, a topic focused e-newsletter, staff discussion points and blogs.  Since you have purchased our compliance manuals and have completed the program this will be for your staff to review compliance.  One of the biggest problems I find is that once trained the manuals are often put up on the shelf and no one talks about it again unless you receive an audit letter.

Your HIPAA Manual Policies and Procedures and Notice of Privacy Practices

Using Email and Text Messaging to patients

Staff Training Requirements

Business Association Agreements


Risk Analysis and Plan

Surviving a OCR or OIG HIPAA Audit or Complaint

Handling Patient Privacy Complaints

Preparing for next year and annual calendar

Breach Self Reporting and disclosure documentation

Maintaining Documentation on all aspects of compliance

Maintaining privacy in your office

ICCOM reserves the right to change these topics based on current higher priority topics.

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