Compliance 365 Topics and Schedule

Each monthly focus topic will include  webinars, a topic focused e-newsletter, staff discussions on zoom. 

Since you have purchased our compliance manuals this will be for your staff to review their understanding of compliance.  One of the biggest problems I find is that once trained the manuals are often put up on the shelf and no one talks about it again unless you receive an audit letter.  ALSO, we need to keep this simple so you can stay focused on taking care of the folks.

HIPAA Privacy Topics will follow your manual.

  • Introduction
  • Privacy Official
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Uses and Disclosures
  • Patients’ Rights
  • Marketing
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • Employee Responsibility
  • State Vs Federal Law
  • Summary

HIPAA Security Topics will follow your manual. 

Compliance 365 Schedule

Manual – Written policies and procedures

You can sign up for this as soon as you have completed the questionaire concerning you manual information.

First month 

HIPAA Privacy Video (30 minutes)

Second Month

Newsletter1, small video and Zoom call

Third Month

Newsletter2, small video and Zoom call

Fourth Month

Newsletter3, small video and Zoom call

Fifth Month

HIPAA Security Video (40 minutes)

Sixth Month (newsletters and videos address HIPAA Security)

Newsletter4, small video and Zoom call

Seventh Month

Newsletter5, small video and Zoom call

Eighth Month

Newsletter6, small video and Zoom call

Ninth Month (newsletters and videos to address FWA and Non-discrimination) 

Fraud Waste and Abuse, Non-discrimination Videos (25 minutes)

Tenth Month

Newsletter7, small video and Zoom call

Eleventh Month

Newsletter8, small video and Zoom call

Twelfth Month

Newsletter9, small video and Zoom call

If you do not have written policies and procedures contact me directly and will get your started.

Price for those who have written policies and procedures – $69.00 monthly for one year.

ICCOM reserves the right to change these topics based on current higher priority topics.

Subscribe $69.00 monthly

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